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Portland Area Patient Testimonials

I've been dealing with pain for years and years, with no known cause. Dr. Balog took the time to listen to me; he asked questions that made sense to me, rather than ones that frustrated me. For me, someone who had lost hope of ever going a day without pain, I've finally got hope back. This is all due to Dr. Balog and his wonderful staff.

From the minute I walked in, everyone I encountered was friendly and helpful. The clinic is cozy and comfortable, it put me at ease right away. His assistants were very sweet and helpful, also putting me very much at ease and making me feel like I can rely on them for help...that I'm not alone in this.

When I left the clinic I cried, I actually cried. [My pain] has been going on for years, making everyday life harder and harder, less and less enjoyable, to the point that I'm worried about my ability to work and I have no desire to socialize because I am in constant pain. I felt hopeless, I felt like I had no options. And now I feel like I have been understood...but the fact that he has given me hope that I CAN get my body better is absolutely priceless. Worth 10 stars at least.


IDr. Balog and his staff are not only very effective & professional, they manage to do this while still being caring. He and his staff work together with you to achieve your highest level of pain relief; utilizing all the modalities available in modern medicine, science and human motivation, [so that you can] live a full contented life.

just want people to know how AWESOME this clinic is! The staff is kind and compassionate. They put you at ease the minute you walk in the door. I have been suffering from chronic back pain for 17 years...Dr. Balog is the greatest! He cares about you and your problem. He takes the time in caring in a nonjudgemental way.

...the staff at Portland Pain & Spine are all kind and very knowledgeable. I love this clinic.

Everyone in this office is so great! Night and day from where I used to go.